Geotechnical Engineering

A precise and comprehensive geotechnical or subsurface exploration is of paramount importance. Unforeseen conditions can result in costly construction delays. A proper investigation can provide the opportunity for a more cost-effective foundation design and smooth-running project.

MTGL has been active in all phases of geotechnical engineering, construction inspection, and materials testing for all aspects of commercial, industrial, municipal, and residential developments since its formation.

Our team uses geologic and soil engineering methods to solve challenges inherent to the practice of geotechnical engineering. We assess the impact of natural geologic conditions (soil types,bedrock, seismicity, landslides, and groundwater) on development projects and provide solutions to resolve geotechnical constraints.

The firm offers professional consulting services encompassing a wide variety of subjects and disciplines related to the earth sciences. Consulting services are provided in the fields of Geotechnical Engineering, Engineering Geology, Groundwater, Earthquake Engineering, and laboratory and field testing.

Services include:

  • planning studies;
  • feasibility studies;
  • preliminary and final design;
  • grading and foundation plan review;
  • observation;
  • testing and verification; and
  • engineering consultation during construction.

Services overview

  • Asphalt batch plant inspection
  • Asphalt mix design review
  • Concrete batch plant inspection
  • Concrete cracking analysis
  • Coring of concrete and masonry
  • Fault evaluations
  • Field instrumentation and monitoring
  • Fireproofing inspection
  • Foundation design
  • Geophysical studies
  • High strength anchor and expansion bolt testing
  • Laboratory testing of soils
  • Asphalt concrete, mortar, grout and steel testing
  • Landslide evaluations
  • Load testing of bolts and embeds

One-Stop Shop

MTGL, Inc. provides all of your materials testing, geotechnical engineering, and laboratory testing all under one roof. Our on-site laboratories are fully certified.